Ecodist is Azure Trend’s distribution company, exclusively dedicated to water for yachts and super yachts. It is the essential point of reference for all nautical products related to onboard water systems.

Ecodist brings together experts from the fields of Ecology and Yachting who have combined their skills to bring you the widest range of high quality products to meet your needs, whether boat owner, ship chandler or boat yard.

Our experts and technicians, with 10 years experience in water treatment, hydraulics, plumbing, marine electricity and much more, will give you advice on choosing and fitting the right parts, whether you need water makers, pumps, showers, toilets, water treatment systems, standard or made-to-measure tanks ( HDPE plastic, stainless steel, aluminium) or any product whatsoever (filters, membranes, anti-odour pipes, etc.) related to water onboard a yacht.

With a full and thorough understanding of the MARPOL International Convention, Ecodist offers you solutions that conform to the law, respect the environment and adapt to your needs, whatever your requirement.